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Catalog 2024-2025 
Catalog 2024-2025

Biology Option, Arts and Science, A.S.

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Kevin Wentworth, 413.552.2468, kwentworth@hcc.edu


For students who want a strong foundation in the life sciences and who intend to pursue their interest in biology beyond the associates degree. Possible areas of concentration at the four-year college include: biology, genetics, botany, zoology, microbiology, biochemistry, marine biology, and wildlife conservation. Program flexibility allows students to follow their interests and to match coursework with the requirements of their selected transfer institution.


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate a comprehension of the following core concepts from the molecular to ecosystem level:
    • Evolution: change over time and mechanisms involved
    • Structure and Function: how physical structure affects performance
    • Energy transformation: energy capture, use, and transfer
    • Information flow: transmission and processing of biological and environmental information
    • Systems: interaction and organization of components
  • apply the process of science
  • apply quantitative reasoning to biological questions
  • work effectively as a team
  • properly use laboratory and field equipment and techniques in an accurate, safe manner
  • contextualize scientific topics as they relate to society, using scientific literature
  • converse with those who have differing viewpoints and perspectives in a collegial and respectful manner
  • communicate ideas effectively both orally and in writing



1CHM 221 /CHM 222 , MTH 113 /MTH 114 , or PHS 111 /PHS 112  are highly suggested for transfer to most state institutions.  For students interested in human biology and health careers, BIO 111  or BIO 217 /BIO 218  are recommended.

This program qualifies for the MassTransfer STEM block, which guarantees credit transfer to Massachusetts state colleges and universities.  MassTransfer grants students automatic acceptance to certain Massachusetts state colleges and universities by achieving the minimum grade point average and the HCC degree.  Students who enroll in programs with the 28-credit MassTransfer STEM block will need to complete the associate’s degree in order to waive the general education requirements at a Massachusetts State University.  In addition to the completion of the associate’s degree and the STEM block at HCC, students will need to complete an additional 12 credits in general education at the four-year college.  If a student does not complete the associate’s degree prior to transferring, it is recommended that they complete the 34-credit MassTransfer block.  Students should meet with Mark Broadbent, Coordinator of Transfer Affairs, to discuss their transfer plans.

Depending on course selection, 50% of this program can be completed online.  Go to Online Learning  for more information.


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