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Catalog 2024-2025 
Catalog 2024-2025

Engineering Science Option, Engineering Studies, A.S.

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Thomas Barrup, 413.552.2119, tbarrup@hcc.edu


This program offers an alternative Engineering option to those students who are interested in Engineering, but not yet committed to one of the traditional engineering fields.


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

• apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering
• design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data
• function on multidisciplinary teams
• identify, formulate, and solve problems
• communicate effectively
• understand the impact of engineering in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context
• engage in life-long learning
• comprehend contemporary issues

Students interested in transferring to WNEU should enroll in this program.

All students are encouraged to check with their transfer institution as to what their requirements are for their particular area of interest so they do not have to take more courses than are needed.

We advise that students start their mathematics courses as soon as they enter the program.


Select 7 of the following:


Sufficient to complete 60 credit graduation requirement; any course listed in the catalog is acceptable

  • General Elective Credits: 0-4



1 Social Science Electives: Students are strongly suggested to select 1 course that meets diversity requirements if they are transferring to UMASS. See transfer counselor for list.

2 Students may select from Chemistry courses: CHM 121 CHM 124 , CHM 221 CHM 222  

3 Students may select from Engineering courses: EGR 109 , EGR 110 EGR 111 EGR 117 EGR 118 EGR 203 , EGR 221 EGR 222 EGR 223 EGR 224 , EGR 250  (these courses may not count as both a program requirement and program elective).

4 Students may select from Mathematics courses: MTH 205 , MTH 213 MTH 214 , MTH 230 

5 Students may select from Sustainability courses: SUS 101 SUS 102  

Students must achieve a minimum grade of C in all CHM, EGR, MTH, and PHS prefix courses when planning to transfer to another institution.

Students intending to transfer to UMASS Amherst for Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical or Computer Engineering should take one course in Chemistry and one in Biology.

Students intending to transfer to UMASS Amherst for Civil Engineering should take 2 semesters of Chemistry and one of Biology.

This program qualifies for MassTransfer, which guarantees credit transfer to Massachusetts state colleges and universities. MassTransfer will also grant students automatic acceptance to certain state colleges and universities by achieving the minimum grade point average and the HCC degree.

Depending on course selection, 50% of this program can be completed online. Go to Online Learning for more information.


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