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Catalog 2024-2025 
Catalog 2024-2025

Music Performance Certificate

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Elissa Brill Pashkin, 413.552.2291, ebrill@hcc.edu


The purpose of the certificate is to acknowledge college-level work in Music for those who are not completing the full A.A. degree in Music. Upon completion of the certificate, when combined with another associate degree program, students will be prepared to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (rather than a Bachelor of Music) degree, or minor in Music, at their transfer institution. Students who are not also enrolled in an Associate’s program will be prepared to audition at institutions that require a performance audition for admission. The certificate may be used by those students who would like to augment any degree program at the college with serious study in music, or simply to improve performance skills for personal enrichment.

Students enter the Music program through audition.  Those students demonstrating significant potential, but with limited background in music reading or performance technique, will be placed in preparatory classes designed to develop the skills needed for college-level work.

Holyoke Community College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music

National Association of Schools of Music

11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21

Reston, VA 20190



Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • perform at a first-year college level on an instrument or in voice in either jazz or classical styles, both as a soloist and in ensembles
  • demonstrate knowledge of basic theory and traditional harmony at a first-year college level
  • conduct and sight-sing melodies
  • demonstrate keyboard skills appropriate to two semesters of Class Piano study
  • demonstrate vocal skills appropriate to two semesters of College Chorale
  • achieve basic computer literacy for music notation and analysis
  • contribute to the cultural life of their community
  • appreciate diverse musical forms and styles

*2 credits of sequential instrumental or vocal ensembles



1Students who place out of MUS 100  may substitute any other 3 credits in Music

2The Class Piano requirement may be waived for students who demonstrate in an audition that they already possess the necessary piano skills.

3Previous auditioned placement into Chamber Vocal Ensemble (MUS 121  or MUS 127 ), College Chorale (MUS 161 ), or permission of the instructor is required. New students will be auditioned the first day of class, and should be prepared for a possible schedule adjustment during the add/drop period, if necessary.

This program may be completed in one year, but may also be spread out over the course of several years while enrolled in another program of study at Holyoke Community College.


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